What’s the Use of a Vane Anemometer?

Referred to as a conventional wind speed meter, the vane anemometer is a popular choice for those who need it for both outdoor and indoor measurements. What makes it different and unique from other models is that it can measure airspeed with maximum convenience, thanks to its secure handling. Likewise, you may look for an Instrument Choice model with modern features like that of the recording of temperature and volume flow.

vane anemometerWhen you’re out there buying a vane anemometer for the first time, be sure to consider factors like direct recording, measurement of airspeed, temperature, and volume flow, hold function, and smartphone app integration.

For the most part, people associate the concept of measuring wind speed with outdoor use. But it is not accurate. A more precise definition would be to use one for the measurement of air velocities in rooms. Ventilation systems rely on factors like airspeed, temperature and humidity. If these values will change or incorrect, there’s a chance it’ll affect indoor air quality. The primary issue is that it is not easy to control ventilation systems.

It is for this scenario that the value of an anemometer comes in. You can conveniently use the Instrument Choice device or industry since it easily inserts into the ventilation shaft through a telescope, the purpose of which is to perform measurements. The vane anemometer is designed explicitly for this function. Most models come with a telescopic probe, which allows for quick flow measurement in the duct. The one thing that makes a vane anemometer stand out is that you likewise can use it for outdoor measurements.

There’s also the option of not just using the vane anemometer to measure wind speed. In other words, it works as a flow measurement instrument, too. Some models are equipped with a feature for measuring the dewpoint and wet bulb temperature, including wind speeds. The multiple functions are undoubtedly helpful for you if you’re trying to measure several parameters.

The wind speed meter comes equipped with a built-in vane which usually has a different diameter. For flow measurement, you have the option of using a volume flow hood. The combination of various measuring instruments comes as a valuable tool for you, especially if you want something that can deliver efficient and detailed values.

In a nutshell, a modern vane anemometer gives you the benefits of indoor and outdoor wind measurement, excellent recording value, measurement of volume flow and temperature, and convenient handling even in the most confined and unlikeliest places.

Finally, when you’re about to buy the instrument, be sure to get one that integrates into a smartphone through an app. It gives you added convenience because you can forward the values from the device directly to your smartphone.