Important Questions to Ask Before Taking a Learners Test WA

If you’ve applied for a learner’s driving license, it’s time for you to prepare for an learners’ license test. Any individual needs a driving license to drive any vehicle on Australian public roads and highways. No one is permitted to drive a vehicle without a valid driving license. 

learners-test-waHowever, the law also states that the first step to getting a permanent driving license is to pass the learners test WA. This license test will be considered a temporary license post, in which a driving test will be carried out to get a proper driving license.

For more information, this article will answer other important questions regarding the learners permit test.

What is a Learners driving license?

A learner’s driving license, or a learner’s driving permit, is a document issued if you wish to learn how to drive a vehicle. This license is valid for the duration of your driving education, after which you can then book for a Learners Knowledge Permit Test and Drivers’ Exam. Once you pass these tests, you’ll be qualified for your driver’s license.

What is the process of a learners license test in Australia?

The learners’ license test process is pretty simple: you go through a series of multiple-choice questions. There will be three to four options to choose from with only the possible right answer. 

As for where you will take the test, it will either be via online or a written test that you’ll take in a certified driving school. Here are some key aspects of taking the learners test WA:

  • You need to be present at the test venue half an hour before the test. For online test-takers, you need to be online before the time that the test will commence.
  • The State 
  • The Australian Driver License usually provides printed information that covers points like traffic rules, traffic signals, etc., for study reference.
  • You need to pay the registration fee before you can confirm your schedule when you’ll be taking the test.
  • If you pass the test, you’ll be eligible to apply for your learner’s license right away.
  • If you’re unable to pass the learners test, you’ll be allowed to retake the test after a week or two.
  • 30 days after getting the learner’s license, you will be eligible to apply for a proper Driving License.

How do I prepare for the learners test?

Now that you know what the learners test is all about, it’s time for you to start practising. You can access free learners practice tests available online. By going through a practice learners test, you’ll understand the pattern of the test quotations and prepare yourself for the real thing.

The practise learners test offers various questions covering everything from the basics to advanced-level driving mechanics and road rules. Not only will you be able to familiarize the test, but you will also learn important information as well.