How Weighted Blankets Can Help Individuals

A weighted blanket is an old but very popular therapeutic tool to help reduce stress and sleep. At first, weighted blankets Sydney were primarily used as therapeutic aids to help people with autism, dementia, and other mental health conditions. They were a favorite product of parents and therapists who treated their patients with these conditions.

Today, they are still popular because they are very effective and beneficial for many people. People who have sleep problems may benefit from weighted blankets because they allow the sleeper to rest in a reclined position or a laying position which may provide relief from tiring and straining activities during the day. People who may be suffering from insomnia can also benefit from using these blankets because they will get a good night’s rest.

weighted-blankets-sydneyMany sleepers who find that their conditions may need them to rely on the extra weight that the blanket provides because it allows them to rest comfortably, and they do not wake up with every pull of the cord. The extra weight that the weighted blankets provide means that the sleepers are not tossing and turning in their sleep because they cannot feel their arms and legs. Instead, they can feel a consistent weight beneath their entire body, which helps them settle down more easily because the extra weight of their clothes does not weigh them down.

Some types of sleep disorders that may benefit from using a CalmingBlankets include sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and severe anaphylactic shock. These sleep disorders respond well to the deep pressure stimulation that the weighted blankets provide. They can also benefit from the massage therapy that the blanket delivers because it allows the therapist to reach the deeper layers of the muscles. It helps the therapists to provide targeted relief for each patient. Massage therapy can be beneficial when providing relief to pregnant women because they need to maintain a steady pressure point during labor, which helps alleviate some of the discomforts felt during this time.

Another benefit of the Weighted blankets Sydney is the amount of excess heat that the blanket provides. Most blankets are made with thin cover materials that allow for a great deal of heat to escape, but the blanket that is weighted does not have any of these cover materials, which allows for even more heat to escape. It helps people stay warm and covered up while sleeping. It also helps keep their bodies cool because the blanket will form a barrier over the body to keep the body heat inside where it belongs.

One of the more common uses of CalmingBlankets is for patients who are experiencing chronic pain. Chronic pain often results from the lack of serotonin in the body. By giving the patient a source of natural serotonin, which is essential for the stimulation and relief of pain, the patient can get the relief that he or she needs without having to depend on prescription medications. Many doctors, including the Mayo Clinic, highly recommend using this type of blanket for the well-being of patients who suffer from chronic pain.