What Causes Pain in the Foot While wearing Wildfire-Shoes High Heels?

If Wildfire-Shoes high heels are something you love to wear and you have a regular job, it may be challenging to break away from them when you go out for an evening. However, if you want to be comfortable all night long, your footwear mustn’t cause you back Pain or give you blisters. Below are some tips that will help you choose the right pair of shoes for your comfort and enjoyment of high heels.

High heels, also known as saddle shoes, are footwear where the heel is much higher off the floor than the toes. Generally, high heels are anything above 3.5 cm. and can be up to 18 cm or more in the case of special ballet boots. This is because the foot’s arch, when it is flat, comes into contact with the second biggest bone in the body called the Achilles tendon. As the tendon flexes when the foot makes contact with the surface, the pressure causes a small tear that can become inflamed and swollen. The result is Pain in the area.

high-heelsOne of the leading causes of pain is wearing Wildfire-Shoes high heels for extended periods. If you wear them for long periods, the weight of the heel and the body’s weight in general causes the aching in the low back region and the arch of the foot. If you are overweight, you may have been sedentary, or your job requires you to be in a bent-over position a lot of the day. In addition, standing for long periods causes your feet to be in a flexed position. These areas become sore and swollen over time, especially if there is little or no exercise.

The location of the Pain is also very important. It hurts where it hurts – on the bottom of the foot, between the crease of the heel and the ball of the foot, or between the third and fourth toes in the event of a French heel. Also, the pain radiates from the joint of the big toe down toward the big toes’ balls. A herniated disc, nerve damage or spondylolisthesis can also result in pain in this area. Can an injury to the spinal cord itself or one of the discs in the lumbar spine. So, can chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, osteoporosis and hypertension.

The different types of Wildfire-Shoes high heels that cause Pain vary according to the kind of shoe you are wearing. It would help if you always tried out new shoes on a completely flat foot, so you can get used to walking in different types of shoes. If possible, try to wear your high heels in the store to experience the difference for yourself. Walking in shoes of different heights will also allow your foot to feel the pressure difference and to adjust to it more easily. Finally, make sure that the high heels that you choose correctly fit.