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Looking For a Family Lawyer Perth?

Are you looking for a family lawyer Perth? If so, here are some things to consider before you hire one. You might want to check out Legal Aid WA, Bodekers Family Lawyers, or Pemberton Robertson, but these firms are not as well known as they should be. In addition, these lawyers are often associated with high costs, so be sure to research them before deciding. Also, don’t forget to consider whether they accept clients from Legal Aid WA. For the best family lawyers in Perth, check out TGB Lawyers now.

Bodekers Family Lawyers

family lawyer PerthIf you’re seeking professional assistance with a family dispute, Bodekers Family Lawyers and Mediators may be able to help. Their extensive experience in mediation and family law cases will give them a distinct advantage when resolving your conflict. They have handled thousands of cases and will be happy to assist you in any way possible. You’ll be well on your way to resolving your conflict without further ado.

The Bodekers Family Lawyers & Mediators team has practised family law in Perth for 18 years. Shannon Bodeker, the legal practitioner director of the firm, has more than twenty years of experience in the field. The firm prioritises dispute resolution outside of the courtroom, but they are equally adept at representing clients in court when necessary. Their lawyers are accredited with the prestigious Data & Insights database.

Hickman Family Lawyers

If you’re looking for a divorce lawyer in Perth, you’ve probably come across Hickman Family Lawyers. Formerly known as Cobalt Legal, they specialise in child custody matters, divorce, property settlement, spousal maintenance, child support, and restraining orders. They can also represent you in any civil dispute, such as a custody battle or a restraining order.

Ella Hickman is the owner of Hickman Family Lawyers Perth. She completed her LLB at the University of Western Australia. Ella’s legal practice focuses on family law, focusing on parenting issues and domestic violence. Hickman Family Lawyers Perth is dedicated to delivering high-quality legal services and exceptional client service. Contact them to discuss your situation. You’ll be glad you did. For the best family lawyers in Perth, check out TGB Lawyers now.

Legal Aid WA

If you are experiencing a separation or divorce, you can seek free legal advice from a Legal Aid WA family lawyer. The information line at Legal Aid WA is a 24/7 hotline for family law matters, including referrals to services. If your situation is urgent, you can also contact a Legal Aid WA duty lawyer. In addition, community legal centres and non-profit organisations provide legal aid to people who cannot afford legal representation. These services can also be found by calling Community Legal Western Australia.

You can also visit a Legal Aid WA office for a free 30-minute consultation with an attorney. There are 34 locations across King County. This clinic specialises in family law issues and debt settlement. They also offer free legal advice and representation to caregivers seeking guardianship for a minor. Additionally, they help clients with uncontested divorces, parenting plans, child support, and other legal issues. These clinics also offer free legal representation to low-income domestic violence survivors who cannot afford a private lawyer.

Pemberton Robertson

If you need a lawyer, you may want to hire a reputable family lawyer Perth. Pemberton Robertson is one of Perth’s most well-known family law firms and has four lawyers who specialise in family and property matters. Their lawyers have extensive experience dealing with all types of family law matters, including property and child custody issues. In addition, the firm has a unique mediation service available to clients experiencing difficulty settling traditional means.

Holden Barlow

For a high-quality and efficient family law practice in Perth, consider holding an appointment with Holden Barlow. This firm was founded in 1987 by lawyers John Barlow and Michael Holden. The firm currently comprises six practising Barristers and Solicitors and an office manager. They specialise in a range of family law matters. Read on to find out more about the firm’s services. They are available to advise you on all aspects of family law.

The firm’s ethos is simple. Its philosophy is to provide clients with solutions that will lead to a favourable outcome for the client. The firm seeks to make the process simpler, faster, and smarter. Justin Dawson has been with Holden Barlow for eight years and was previously with Shann Family Lawyers and Clintons. This has made him an invaluable asset to the firm. Holden Barlow has been around for nearly three decades and continues to grow. For the best family lawyers in Perth, check out TGB Lawyers now.


Lucy McGregor is a leading voice in the Perth Family Law community. She has been listed in Doyle’s Guide to Western Australia 2018 as a Recommended Family & Divorce Lawyer and in the category of Custody and Parenting Matters. Her innovative and creative work has been recognised as a key factor in her success in this area of law. She has been an award-winning writer, producer, and podcast host, with over 100 episodes.

Lucy is a highly experienced Independent Children’s Lawyer and assists the Family Court in complex parenting disputes. She has extensive trial experience in both roles. Lucy enjoys speaking at Legalwise Seminars and early morning group training sessions, good food, and regular get-togethers with her colleagues. In addition, she’s passionate about helping families minimise the breakdown of their relationships. She speaks Portuguese and Afrikaans and aims to make the legal process as pleasant as possible for her clients.