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How Do You Get Rid Of A Musty Smell In A Mattress?

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When you decide to use your old mattress that you have safely stored in a cupboard or attic you must take some hard steps to use the mattress again. It is very important to work hard to clean the mattress and reuse it. You might have stored your mattress in a dark place where it is very difficult for the air and light to pass.

When there is a lack of air and light movement your mattress will easily become a victim of mold and musty smell. You cannot reuse the mattress as it is because it will create some serious health issues. You must remove the mold and musty smell before you use the mattress. Especially the crib mattress, you must take proper steps to clean the crib mattress because you are using it for your newborn. Mattress Cleaning to remove the musty smell is not big deal.

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As long as it is in the mint condition and there is no bumps and sags you can easily use the mattress for sure. Clearly, check the mattress for damages which are irreparable, your baby needs to have comfort sleep on the mattress so it should be as comfortable as possible. Make sure the mattress is well cleaned after taking it from the attic, check well and do as much as possible research online about cleaning the old mattress.

Use the proper solution, How to Clean your Mattress or if you have the user manual of your old mattress it is awesome as you can easily follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to clean the crib mattress.

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Here The Cleaning Steps to Follow to Get Rid of Musty Smell from a Mattress:

  • Step 1: –

    After getting your mattress just place it on the clean surface, make sure that the place is clean. It is good to place in front of your garage so if you make a mess over there it will not be a big problem. Vacuum the bed to get rid of dust mites, debris and other visible dirt particles on the mattress. Use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate almost maximum dirt particles from the mattress.
  • Step 2: –

    Now the second step is the clean the mattress, disinfecting and removing the smell. To remove the smell spray citrus solution on the mattress. To prepare the citrus solution, get a lemon extract of one cup and mix it with a cup of water and spray it on the mattress to eliminate the awful smell.
  • Step 3: –

    If you have the spray bottle just spray the solution all the sides of the mattress don’t leave any single side and make sure all the areas are sprayed well. If you use the basin take a clean towel and dip it in the solution and wring the excess mattress and gently press the towel on the surface of the mattress and make sure all the surface are covered well. Spread well so that all the solution is penetrated well in the Matters Steam Cleaning.
  • Step 4: –

    Let the solution for 30 minutes or one hour, then refill the bottle with clean water and spray the clean water on the mattress and pat the surface of the mattress with a dampened towel. This is done to remove the citrus smell from the mattress.
  • Step 5: –

    Once you are done with all the above 4 steps, dry the mattress in good ventilation inside the room or dry it under sunlight. This will remove the lingering musty crib smell. If it is dry completely vacuum once again for perfect clean.
  • Step 6: –

    Now place the crib mattress back to crib and put a pillow over it.
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Las Vegas Air Duct Cleaning Service

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Air Duct Cleaning is STRONGLY recommended by the biggest health agencies in the United States, such as the American Lung Association, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Indoor Air Quality Association.

  • The average adult inhales 2 tablespoons of indoor dust daily. -EPA
  • Cleaning the air ducts removes dust, allergens, & debris

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According to the EPA, air pollution inside the home and office can be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels. Dust in your home can contain mites, mold, dead skin and other debris. All of which is cycled through the air you breathe up to 10 times a day.

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The National Fire Association recommends that you have the dryer vent cleaned Annually.Every year 2,900 clothes dryer fires occur in residential buildings causing 5 deaths and 35 million in loss. Failure to to clean is the leading factor contributing to clothes dryer fires.