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What Are the Signs Of Termites Infestation?

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Many homeowners often ask themselves the question “what are the Signs Of Termites?” It’s a question you should ask yourself as a responsible property owner. You should be aware of what termite can do to your home or building, so asking “What are the Signs Of Termites Infestation” should spur you to educate yourself so you can be prepared for the possibility that termites could be taking over your home.

Termite and Termite mound on nature background.

So what are the Signs Of Termites? what termites feed on? wood Signs of termite damage in a home include the presence of mud tubes. The termites live in these mud tubes and they are most likely going to be located near the foundation of the home. Places where wood touch soil is a good place for you to start when looking for termite damage. Termites feed on wood, and they especially like moist wood. That is most likely going to be near the foundation of the home.

Termites eat through the wood and will begin with a small hole that gets them inside in the first place. Then they burrow through the wood making small tunnels. If the damage has been around for awhile, many of these tunnels can be very long. What does this type of termite damage look like? It looks like a small animal has been making trails through the wood of your house.

Some signs that termites might be feeding on the wood in your home include wood that sound hollow when tapped on with the handle part of a screwdriver, soft wood that is easily probed with a tool, and a thin or gritty material found on the surface of damaged material. You may also see discarded wings, termite droppings, or cracked and bubbling paint. Once you know what to look for – especially the mud tubes – that’s a sure sign of the presence of termites.

You may also want to utilize the Internet to find pictures of termite damage. Just use your favorite search engine and enter the words “what does termite damage look like”. If you’re using Google, they have a separate “Images” tab that will bring up hundreds of pictures so you have a reference point when you are looking for termite damage in your structure and you will also come across facts about termite damage.

Asking yourself “what does termite damage look like” is a question that every responsible property owner should be thinking about. You want to protect your investment, so it is very important to look for termite damage and know what you’re looking for. Then when someone else asks you “what does termite damage look like”, you’ll have an answer for them right away!

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